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Unfair Advantage Over Competition - SEO Strategies for Reputation Management

By James Ruesch

Published on March 2016

Language: English (US)
Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN 978-1530828654
Average Rating: 4.5
Rating: 13.5
Votes: 3

Improve your name and brand's popularity online by being on top of the search engine. Through James Ruesch's book entitled Unfair Advantage over Competition, you will discover Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks and strategies.

This book is highly recommended for Online Reputation Repair specialists and clients.

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review on Unfair Advantage Over Competition by James Ruesch
Irving Coluccio
Rating: 4.5
Date: 03/20/2016

Some people believe almost anything they find on the Web. This is one of the reasons why it is really important to have control over your reputation in the Internet, especially if you are managing a company whose bread and butter is selling products to its customers. I've been around looking for the best online reputation management company that can help me regulate the mentions of our company's brand in forums and pages we maintain. I know it is natural to have negative reviews but they surely affect the decisions made by our target customers. The previous company I found did well for our brand but asked for a large bite from our budget. And so, I started looking for DIY tutorials on YouTube and later on saw some books regarding online repair and SEO. I met this special book and I am still amazed of its content. James Ruesch indeed included tricks I haven't found in any other reputation management articles and media.

review for the SEO strategies book
Connie Baskerville
Rating: 5
Date: 04/07/2016

I attest to you that this book can save a life! I used to suffer years of depression and at that time, I even got to the point where I caught a Google-phobia kind of syndrome. It was because of a very embarrassing video that went on top of the search engine for months. It was uploaded by an anonymous user so although I knew who could that be, I had no proof. I searched the whole world for a remedy but it kept on coming back to the top of Google's listing. So it was really a relief when I found this James Ruesch and his book, which is about online reputation repair and management. The embarrassing video is currently being buried down the results page and although, I couldn't get rid of it totally (because it is stuck on a site's server), it is still a great help. The strategies in this gold mine is worth the price and tenfold cheaper than what SEO companies can offer you.

Fortune 500 SEO Strategies book review
Terrance Bardney
Rating: 4
Date: 04/15/2016

Truth is I can't even remember how I ended up with this book. Haha. I am a marketer and search engine specialist of a start-up company. My primary task, then, was to endorse and promote our services through a website that was at the 21st page of Google. How on earth will I be able to rank our site? I thought. I had years of experience in SEO but the algorithm of search engines kept on changing. My common SEO strategies would not work anymore. I researched and studied all the resources I could find and it later led me to a bunch of books in Amazon. That's when I found James Ruesch's book. Oh, now I remember! I thank the heavens for this amazing book and I hope it can be useful to you as well.

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