Investor & Entrepreneur

james ruesch

It is easy to fall in love with entrepreneurship, like a child who falls in love at the first sight of a cute chow-chow. But with all the challenges and heartbreaks, it takes a strong will to keep the passion burning. In his 2 decades of going to and fro in business, James Ruesch has gathered several puzzle pieces from different fields that when laid together will form the map to success.

Internet marketing has been one of the favorite methods of James Ruesch in promoting his products and services. Effective brand development requires public visibility, whether or not it is intended for the local or international market. Hence, James taught himself how to make his websites dominate online and included in this process was Search Engine Optimization. He discovered different ways to rule over the listings of Big G and now decides to share his knowledge to SEO beginners.

The world is full of many wonders. People may differ in skin, hair color, tradition, and religion; yet, we all come from the same hue, from one mother--Earth. After James Ruesch served a two-year mission in South Africa, he fell in love with travel and people of different cultures and nationalities. This, eventually, led him to the international market and investing to other countries, even crossing to Asia.

"Money will come and go through out a person's life but no amount of success will ever compensate for an unsuccessful family." James has been busy all his life, going to different places for business and looking for unending opportunities for the companies he is managing. Yet, at the end of the day, he still believes that nothing is more rewarding than being able to protect and guide his family. Success is not measured by how much you have earned but by how happy and secured your family is. The value of something is not determined by its price, but by how much joy it brings to the ones you love.