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Break the Competition, start using Facebook!

by James Ruesch on May 20, 2016

Back then, companies depended mostly on E-mail blasts and paid advertisements to gather traffic for their official Websites. If you want your business to be visible online and promote your product or service to target consumers, you will need expensive resources and thus, if your shop's income is not that great, it won't be feasible building a secluded site.

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Today, we are very lucky that we have access to different social networking platforms, which can be used for free. Anyone can promote a product on the Web and develop a brand via social media. The social networking platform that tops the list is, obviously, Facebook and as of April 2016, it has reached 1.09 billion daily active users. Just wow!

Facebook ranks very high on search engines, especially in Google where it never leaves the first page. Hence, it is one of the most accessible and effective tools in Social Media Marketing.

Facebook Marketing via PAID Classic Ads

Facebook has its own form of traditional ads that are stuck on the side columns of their site. These classic ads are also known as marketplace ads. When clicked, the ad will redirect you to either a Facebook Page, App, or to an external Website.

    The following are the several types of Classic Ads based on the intention of the marketer:
  • 1. Ads for Facebook Page Engagement
    • These promote your posts, which may increase the number of likes, comments, shares, video plays, and views.
  • 2. Ads for Facebook Page Likes
    • These build your audience on Facebook by promoting your page to users.
  • 3. Ads for Clicks to Website
    • These help encourage people to visit your external website.
  • 4. Ads for Website Conversions
    • These support specific actions for people to take on your website but you will need a conversion-tracking pixel to measure your results.
  • 5. Ads for App Installs
    • These encourage people to install your app to their device.
  • 6. Ads for App Engagement
    • These help you get more activity and interactions to promote your app.
  • 7. Ads for Event Responses
    • These support you in promoting and gathering attendees for your planned event.
  • 8. Ads for Offer Claims
    • These endorse offers you created, such as discounts on selected items and promos. You will need to use an offer you have created on Facebook or create a new one.

One of the advantages in using classic ads is that you can select your target audience depending on their location, interests, gender, and other useful demographic data. There will also be a higher chance of being shown to most of your target consumers, but, of course, you still have to improve your skills in creating effective promotional text and other media.

In addition, you can also conduct a Social Media Contest or Sweepstakes. Some marketers hold contests to let the audience participate and interact with them.

FREE Facebook Marketing Methods

Paid ads may be effective but if you are new to Social Media Marketing or if you don't want to spend a single penny, you can use Facebook's FREE features. Creativity and resourcefulness will have to be your main ingredients.

Setting up a Facebook Page

You can create multiple Pages in Facebook using one account. One organization or business can have a Page that endorses news or its products and services.

Through the Page Insights tool, you can track down which areas in Facebook made the users subscribe to your Page. With this, you will be able to point out which marketing styles are effective and what parts need improvement.

    Here are possible places where your Page Likes may happen:
  • On Your Page
    • Users may like your page by visiting it directly.
  • Uncategorized Desktop
    • Likes from a desktop device that cannot be categorized.
  • API
    • People may like your page through an app developed by a third party.
  • Page Suggestions
    • Users may like your page when they see it featured on the suggestions column of Facebook. Your page may be included in the suggestions based on some factors, such as user engagement and related interest.
  • Others
    • Users may see click like box widgets or links found on other places like 3rd-party apps or websites outside Facebook.

Facebook Professional Services

One of the main advantages of keeping a Facebook Page is the chance to become included in the list of Facebook Professional Services, which has similarities with Yelp.

Users will be able to find local shops and offices and when your page is highly optimized, it may be on top of the search results in Facebook. This is another marketing platform that will surely help you in getting in front of targeted consumers.

Creating and joining a Group

Aside from setting up a Page, you can also create a Facebook Group where members are given a chance to interact as a community. The group may be set in Public or the posts may be invisible to non-members, depending on how you configure the settings.

However, in marketing, it is better to join an existing group that already has thousands of members. When you post something to the group, it'll automatically go to their notifications. You can also add members to the group as long as you are given the privilege.

Posting regular posts

Make it more personal. You can use your own Facebook account to promote your business, page, group, and Website to your network of friends. Interaction plays a big role in Social Media Marketing and successful entrepreneurs understand the latest trends. Leave comments on your friends' posts and participate in Facebook discussions found on your feeds.

So, that's it?

BUT WAIT, this is just the tip of the iceberg! When you zoom in each of these Facebook marketing tactics, you will find more and more powerful strategies.

Let's keep digging!

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