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2016 Checklist: 18 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

by James Ruesch on June 2, 2016

Staying active and constant interaction are the main ingredients of effective social media marketing. You don't just create a page in Facebook and let it live by itself. To successfully promote your brand and name in the social platform, you must avoid getting idle.

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Inactivity or posting poor content on your Facebook page has a bad impact to your social media presence. Some users follow a page based on an interaction that one of their friends had with that page's content. Therefore, when your page has poor user engagement, it will be buried down by other pages, to the bottom where no one wants to go.

Here are 18 guaranteed ways to get more page subscribers in Facebook:

1. Write 5 to 10 fresh and original posts per day

One of the primary objectives of social media is to share what is happening so it is indeed required to post something on your Facebook page in a daily basis. However, you must refrain from copying posts from other sites and pages. In the enormous cyberspace where almost everything is defined and explained through various media and text, originality highly matters. Another thing, stay natural and do not overdo the job. Post at least 5 to 10 updates at random times a day.

2. Post original photos

Even the most hilarious joke when repeated 10 times will never be that funny anymore. As much as possible, be sure to post your own pictures, photos that are not found in any other parts of the Web. People love new things so when they see an old familiar photo on your page, they will instantly think that you're just another novice brand.

3. Post your own videos

Videos are taking over the Internet, including Facebook. Facebook is now solidifying their video marketing features since according to the 2015 statistics, the social platform is starting to dominate over YouTube when it comes to views. Thus, if you want to attract more subscribers, you must post videos that are interesting and at the same time, related to your brand.

4. Post quotes that anyone can relate to

Share inspiring quotations from influential people, which can motivate the lives of other users. If they can relate to the quotes, there is a possibility that they will share it to their friends, hence boosting your presence on the Web.

5. Share latest news and trends

Subscribe to news portals and share important updates on your Facebook page. However, you do not need to share every news you can find. Just share those that have impact to your industry and those that can affect your followers in general.

6. Share eye-catching pictures

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Although it is more advisable to post your own pictures, getting interesting photos and sharing them on your page is also an effective strategy. Post pictures that make people click, images that trigger curiosity. Add the right caption and your followers will share them on their walls.

7. Share funny and interesting video clips

Spice up your Facebook page by sharing funny and cheerful video clips. Refrain from sharing a stack of serious posts that make your page boring.

8. Give a personal touch to your daily posts

The tone of your posts as people read them is said to have a great impact to the effectiveness of your marketing. Post like you are talking to a friend. Start with a greeting and do it the social networking way. Let your audience feel that they are connected to you and you to them. Do not talk like a salesman who knocks on doors.

9. Write short and interesting real-life incidents

To get your audience's attention and encourage user engagement, you can also try posting short stories that are relevant to your page. Some people like reading long posts on Facebook and when interesting enough, they share it to their friends. You can look around the Web for inspiring stories or you can write your own experience. Let your followers leave comments by asking for their reactions to the event or incident.

10. Ask a question

Another way to improve user engagement is to ask questions. Post a question about a recent issue and trend or ask your audience for their own opinion regarding a matter.

11. Send replies to each of the comments on your page's post

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Take time to answer all the comments on your page's post. This improves interactivity and every time a user comments, the post is reactivated and appears again on the feeds of your subscribers.

12. Visit related pages

There may be strict competition in Facebook but you can use your competitors' pages to gain more followers. Subscribe to other related pages and leave comments to their posts. With this, you can attract their subscribers and give them an option to look at your own page. Improve the content of your page and give them a reason to stay.

13. Host a contest

You can host one of the basic types of contests in Facebook: sweepstakes, essay, photo or video. Facebook currently has a service that supports a page owner in promoting contests and running sweepstakes. To collect entries and be part of a competition, you can ask people to like your page, comment on a post, send a message, or share your page as their entrance fee. You may also create your own contest using your own concept and choose the winner based on the number of likes or shares. This method will not only improve user engagement but also your brand's visibility on the social platform. Just don't forget the prizes for your winners!

14. Host an online event

Conduct an online event for your page's community. It may be an online forum, workshop or exhibit for your audience. Invite friends and other groups as well.

15. Feature other brands or users on your Facebook page

Reward your most active followers by featuring their work on your page. You may also ask other brands to share your page in exchange of theirs being featured on yours.

16. Give links to useful websites

Share links of informative websites that are useful to your audience. Examples of these are websites that have free online tools. You can also ask your followers to give their favorite links and feature them on your page.

17. Post a greeting during a special holiday

Join in celebrating special occasions by posting a greeting with a picture or a caption that tells the reason for that event. Your followers may be able to share them to their friends. You can also create your own celebration and make it viral, such as Unibrow Day or Curly People Day.

18. Post a poll

Create and post a poll or survey on your page. The topic may be related to your brand or current events. A poll is one of the most effective ways of increasing user engagement so use it properly.


Gaining likes for your Facebook page depends on user engagement and being able to post quality updates. Improving user engagement means interacting with your audience and diligently catering their needs on your page. On the other hand, quality updates are posts that are relevant, interesting, and worth-sharing. Focusing on these two will help you attract more followers and be able to dominate in the world of social media marketing.

There are so much more to learn so keep exploring and soon you'll conquer!

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