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james ruesch

Fatherly Love and Duties

A proud dad. James is forever proud to have a son like Chris. He is a total package- young, smart, and adventurous. His dad believes that he inherited the Ruesch's passion for racing and outdoor sports, and of course, the good looks.

August 16, 2015

The boys, now called men. These not-so-young-anymore boys find time to help their dad at work and at home. Years may pass and seasons may go but never the bond between father and sons.

July 5, 2015

Raising kids at 51. This may be one of the secret ingredients of youth. Having kids at a later age and raising, not just one but two, wonderful children may be the perfect remedy to growing old.

June 9, 2015

A rewarding job. The best thing they ever did was decide to have more kids after already raising the first bunch. James and Michelle never gave up the chance of becoming great parents when they brought forth and raised their beautiful twins.

October 30, 2014

The old man in "UP". Who would've known that these eyeglasses would turn this cute little girl to the old man of the movie UP? Yep, they found out so many things to do with their waiting time.

May 29, 2015

She's preoccupied. While they were waiting for dinner, James' grand daughter found something to do with her boredom. Kids these days are marvelous and never cease to fascinate their grand parents.

May 29, 2015

These treasured moments are worth archiving. Watching cartoons and snacking on chips are the perks of high life. Ruesch kids really know how to keep the bond stronger.

May 24, 2015

What a happy grand baby. Not quite old enough to understand how awesome grandpa is yet.

April 28, 2015

Missing that sweet smile Every grandpa knows the feeling of missing his grand kids. It's like a slight hit of sadness, same as reminiscing those times when his adult kids were still his little ones.

April 28, 2015

She looks like she just saw Jesus. This kid brings a positive glow to James' life. Being a grand dad is indeed one of his greatest accomplishments that can never ever be taken away from him.

April 6, 2015